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Explore Wessex with one of our personal tours
The area around Stonehenge is referred to as Wessex, a part of England which has attracted people for thousands of years from what is now mainland Europe. Originally hunter gatherers they settled and a structured self governing society emerged.
It was during this period from approximately 6,000 years ago that increasingly sophisticated monuments appeared in the landscape. Causewayed enclosures, long barrows, henges and, eventually Stonehenge and Avebury were created.

Wessex became the cradle of our civilisation and home of the legendary King Arthur and the Round Table, Alfred the Great and his grandson Athelston, both of whom have been referred to as the King of All England, a title later attributed to Alfred’s great-grandson Edgar who was crowned as such in Bath Abbey on 11 May AD 973.

It is the land of myth and legend and of the great novelists Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen whose works are regularly adapted in films and on television.

A land of chalk hills, upland valleys, brilliant countryside and coastline, historic market towns and ancient villages, romantic gardens and beautiful country houses only a short distance from London. Our private tours can depart from Salisbury Bath or London.

Gateway to the West Country .

High rolling chalk downs and exquisite valleys create a diversity and beauty of landscape which gives rise to Wiltshires reputation as the county of chalk and cheese.
It is also the ‘Gateway to the West Country’ and enigmatic home of Stonehenge, Avebury, White Horses and Crop Circles.
Tales of these special places, their history, myths and legends are brought alive and will move the visitor to return again and again to find out more. Join one of our fixed itineraries or tailor your own.
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Tours Depart from Salisbury, Bath or London
All our guides are local to Stonehenge and know the area 'like the back of their hands' . Our door to door service means you can choose to depart from Salisbury, Bath or London.
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"I am just writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the private 'Magical history tour, which I took with my grandmother in September. Our guide was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable and took the time to tell us all kinds of interesting stories, even as we drove to our various destinations. I thought the tour was very well planned in terms of the sites that were visited. It was a dream come true to be able to visit these places and was perhaps the best day of my entire vacation.
Heather Savino, Sept 2009
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