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Wessex History Blog

It's a blog about British history

We were going through reams of UK Google News Alerts, slightly miffed that there wasn’t some nice, handy blog that had already done all the sifting for us, when it struck us like the proverbial bolt of lightning that non-laziness is an actual option. Hell, if I’m doing it for myself, why not post the products for all our past customers and potential new customers in history nerddom?

Our interests are primarily British ancient and medieval, Stonehenge, Wessex, new archelogical digs but we're quite undiscriminating when it comes to history, so we ’ll pretty much blather about anything that catches our eyes. We also intend to make a note of all the topically relevant books read, and a list of all the topically relevant books sitting in a pile glaring at us.
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Its not all serious.............
Like our tours History does not have to be too serious. Watch out for the odd 'spoof story' - will you spot them ? We also promise a few laughs along the way. Many of our blog posts are highly relevant to the visitor traveling to Britain or just plain old history buffs - and we've met a few!
Over 1000 blog followers

We now have over 1000 followers on our blog and pleased toView our blog announce most of them have joined us on private tours in the past. Our blogs are updated by our guides, often whilst on the road. What ever your interests our frequent blogs from our team of guides will be topical, informative land entertaining.


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History blog
Druids at Stonehenge
History Blog
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Hello, My wife and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to our tour guide.  He was very informitive, funny, and a great host for the day for out private trip to "the inner circle tour" of Stonehenge. What an amazing experience.  We will reccomend Histouries to all our friends traveling to London.
Kiley and Victoria - NZ

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